Diversity of Thought, Episode 8 - ACTUARIES: REACH OUT!

August 26 - August 26 - Zoom

26th August on Zoom.    Registration: FREE

Generate Actuarial Growth and More Clients in Other Industries

For Everyone who wants to:

  • BUILD Capacity so systems can better cope
  • MOVE into a higher gear
  • STEP UP from Concept to Application
  • TRANSFER your actuarial skills to other industries
  • SEE new places for actuarial proficiency
  • GAIN power relevant to people and crises
  • OPEN doors in tourism, healthcare, education, telecommunications, mining, energy and so on...…...

Where will your actuarial expertise take you?

Lesley Traverso, Talent Insights, Australia: An experienced international actuarial recruiter, will present some interesting case studies for discussion about actuaries in different parts of the world who have enjoyed diverse careers. She was our opening speaker for Episode 1 at the Berlin Congress in 2018

Glennfor Hellement, CAA, Curaçao, describes the Caribbean landscape: the distribution of actuaries, the main industries and economic activity so our audience can relate to the gaps waiting for actuaries to fill.

Cathy Lyn, CAA, Jamaica: Will moderate, show how the Diversity of Thought Series develops a stronger and sustainable profession relevant to the communities we serve and provide an interactive forum for our audience who follows us.

We intend the whole session to be interactive, so here is your chance to really get some practical advice!

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