IFRS-17 Resources

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Other IFRS 17 Resources

The CAA Life Committee is soliciting questions from our membership in respect of IFRS 17. Your questions will assist the Committee to:

  • identify the issues pertaining to topics specific to the Standard
  • place prioritized emphasis on the issues of importance and concern to members
  • assist the membership in addressing or clarifying these issues

Details of IFRS 17 are available through the links above.

Members should submit their questions to There is no time limit or deadline within which to submit questions. This is intended to be ongoing and the questions will be addressed as they emerge.


Continuing Professional Development Resources

The Caribbean Actuarial Association’s requirements for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) by its Members are the same as the requirements for Continuing Professional Development of the professional body through which the Member attained full qualification as an Actuary or through which the Member has pursued or is pursuing actuarial examinations, or which the Executive Council has approved. 


General Resources



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